The Power of Partnerships: A Guide from the NSF GK-12 Program

We are pleased to announce the release of The Power of Partnerships, a new publication from the GK-12 program that provides effective practices for anyone who wants to create a project that partners STEM graduate students with K-12 teachers on a sustained basis.  The recommendations come from the GK-12 community–faculty, graduate students, K-12 teachers, program managers, and evaluators.  The writing team, 34 participants from GK-12 projects around the US and Puerto Rico, came to Washington, DC in fall 2011 to determine the best way to tell the world about the program and to capture the GK-12 legacy.  We encourage you to read the guide and share it with colleagues in your community, the US, and internationally.

You can download the publication below or can request a copy from Betty Calinger,

The Power of Partnerships

Complete Document (178 pages) (PDF)


Front Matter
Chapter 1:  Overview of the GK-12 Approach
Chapter 2:  Creating Institutional Partnerships
Chapter 3:  Effective Recruitment and Selection Strategies for GK-12 Fellows and Teachers
Chapter 4:  Project Implementation:  Preparing GK-12 Teams for Success
Chapter 5:  The Fellow-Teacher Partnership
Chapter 6:  Integrating STEM Content and Research in the Classroom
Chapter 7:  GK-12 Beyond the Classroom:  Community Partnerships and Informal Learning
Chapter 8:  GK-12 Beyond the USA:  Facilitating International Partnerships
Chapter 9:  Evaluating Projects
Chapter 10:  Communicating Project Success
Chapter 11:  Sustainability and Sources of Funding
Chapter 12:  Evidence of Success of the GK-12 Approach

Posted on June 10, 2013