Graduate STEM Fellow Profile

Caleb Phillips

Project Title: Project eCsite
Thesis: Optimal Geostatistical Approaches to Usable Coverage Mapping for Large Area Wireless Networks in the UHF/SHF Bands
College/University: University of Colorado Boulder
Research Advisor: Douglas Sicker
Degree Sought: Ph.D., Computer Science
Department: Computer Science
Research Focus: Computer Science Systems, Wireless Networks, Statistics
Teaching Partner(s): John Williams

Description of Research

My research concerns making useful pictures (coverage maps) of where and how well wireless networks work with as little work as possible.

Example of how my research is integrated into my GK-12 experience

My research involves a large amount of statistics, both for making
inferences using models, and for describing processes. Because I work
in social studies classes, I find that it is easy to bring statistics
into the classroom as a tool for understanding and describing social
phenomena. In my classes, I try to get the students to look at social
studies topics as a scientist would–developing hypothesis and testing them using experiments. Using computer models and analysis to test these experiments brings the computer science into the classroom and provides an opportunity for me to discuss statistical modeling and
analysis in the context of my research. So far I’ve used this approach
to look at social networks (graph theory and joint probabilities),
attitude surveying (statistical distributions, correlations, and
confidence), and opinion polling (descriptive statistics, sampling, and verifying sources).