Graduate STEM Fellow Profile

Mo Zhang

Project Title: IMPACT LA: Improving Minority Partnerships and Access through CISE-related Teaching
Thesis: Use of the Tablet PC to Quantify Tremor and Bradykinesia in Parkinson’s Disease Patients
College/University: California State University, Los Angeles
Research Advisor: Dr. Deborah S. Won
Degree Sought: Masters in Electrical Engineering, Option in Communication and Biomedical Engineering
Department: Electrical Engineering
Research Focus: Design assessment task to estimate Parkinson’s Patient’s (PD) disease level using an affordable TabletPC.
Teaching Partner(s): Tony Semaan

Description of Research

Learn PD disease and its symptom. Design the tremor and bradykinesia tasks so PD patients can obtain their disease level simply using an affordable TabletPC. There are four different tremor calculation methods designed for estimating disease level.

Example of how my research is integrated into my GK-12 experience

First semester, students learned Punnett’s Square to understand how disease was passed to the second generation. The chance of having Parkinson’s Disease could be calculated using similar method. The activity correlated to my research. In the activity, first page of the handout has several Punnent’s Squares that each of them represents each genetic factor causing the PD. Let students complete the Punnett’s Square to find out if the given person has PD or not. In the second page of the hand out, there was a subject curve, such as circle. Also, there are three traced curves by the patient or healthy person, the distance from the subject curve to the traced curve were labeled next to several critical points. Students need to use basic calculation to find the average distance of each traced path. This is the similar method applied in the tremor program I designed for my research. At the end of the activity, students would be able to identify which traced curve was drawn by the PD patients.