Graduate STEM Fellow Profile

William (Bo) Cherry

Project Title: Initiating New Science Partnerships in Rural Education (INSPIRE)
Thesis: Water Quality and Nutrient Transport: Implications for a Proposed Reservoir in Smith County, MS
College/University: Mississippi State University
Research Advisor: Darrel Schmitz
Degree Sought: M.S., Geology
Department: Department of Geosciences
Research Focus: Nonpoint source pollution, land use and poultry litter amended soils and their effects on water quality, hydrologic modeling
Teaching Partner(s): Deb Pounders

Description of Research

My research focuses on the hydrogeology at a proposed reservoir site in Smith County, MS. I am currently studying the effects of nutrient transport in streams as a result of various agricultural practices and modeling the effects that this has on the proposed reservoir. I am also conducting a dye trace within the footprint of the reservoir in order to determine the presence of any subsurface conduits that may have an effect on the storage capability of the reservoir.

Example of how my research is integrated into my GK-12 experience

With every lesson, I work to incorporate some part of my personal research into the lesson. Whether it is through bringing in my research equipment or explaining to the class the graphs that show up in my hydrology, each lesson provides students real-life application of the concepts that are being taught. One specific example was a lesson on sound waves during which I brought in a RDI StreamPro ADCP, which uses acoustic waves to map the profile of a stream or river. Students were able to not only understand how the instrument worked, but also how what they were learning could be applied to a number of different things.