K-12 Teacher-Partner Profile

Israel Hernandez

College/University: California State University, Los Angeles
Project Title: IMPACT LA: Improving Minority Partnerships and Access through CISE-related Teaching
Partner School: Roosevelt High School, Los Angeles, CA
Degree: B.A. Mathematics, University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA
Years Teaching: 8
Graduate Fellow Partner(s): Johnson Wang, Victor Mejia

How will you continue to integrate an aspect of GK-12 and your partnership with graduate students into your teaching, philosophy, etc.?

I will continue to find ways to integrate real world applications that relate to the mathematics curriculum and incorporate it in my lessons to expose students to STEM applications.

How has the GK-12 experience changed you, and how has your participation changed the GK-12 project?

The GK-12 experience has given me the wonderful opportunity to expose students to the STEM fields with the help of the fellows. I can realize that having my students see and interact with graduate fellows that come from the same upbringing as my students has shown that entering the STEM fields is a possibility.