K-12 Teacher-Partner Profile

Donna Goyette

College/University: University of Connecticut
Project Title: Ingenuity Incubators Prepare Technical High School Students for College Engineering
Partner School: Harvard Ellis Technical High School
Degree: B.S., Long Island College; M.M.Sc., Emory
Years Teaching: 11
Graduate Fellow Partner(s): Greg Wrobel

How will you continue to integrate an aspect of GK-12 and your partnership with graduate students into your teaching, philosophy, etc.?

Through collaboration with the graduate student at the University of Connecticut School of Engineering, I have been able to integrate 21st century skills by creating cross-curricular connections with physics and the trade technologies. Collaborative activities that include engineering and math have been created to provide students with authentic hands-on experiences in order to expose my students to the STEM applications.

How has the GK-12 experience changed you, and how has your participation changed the GK-12 project?

Being a part of this project has given me the opportunity to have current research, such as Nanotechnology, brought into the classroom where my high school students work with a real scientist, something that otherwise would not happen. Since this experience, some of my students have begun to research careers in the various engineering fields and what was once thought to be unattainable, is now reachable. The graduate student in my classroom continuously connects the physics curriculum with his research at the graduate level. It is important that students participate in up-to-date research and up-to-the-minute information and techniques so that they feel as though what they do today will be relevant tomorrow. The graduate student has become a mentor to my students and has begun to work on independent projects.