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Award Number(s): 0638688
Project Location: Brown University
Project Title: Physical Processes in the Environment
Area(s) Served: Urban
Identifying Characteristics: Engineering, Geosciences, Other
Other Identifying Characteristics: Physics
Grades: 3-5, 9-12
Fellows Per Year: 9
Principal Investigator (PI): Timothy Herbert
PI Email:
Status: Active
Project URL:
Contact Name: Karen Haberstroh
Contact Title: Professor
Contact Address 1: Department of Engineering
Contact Address 2: Box D
Contact Address 3: Brown University
Contact City: Providence
Contact State: Rhode Island
Contact ZIP Code: 02912
Contact Phone: 401-863-2858
Contact Fax:
Contact Email:
Award Number(s): 9979512, 0231834
Project Location: University of Rhode Island
Project Title: Rhode Island Marine and Environmental GK-12 Fellows
Area(s) Served: Rural, Urban
Identifying Characteristics: Geosciences
Other Identifying Characteristics: N/A
Grades: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
Fellows Per Year: 10-12
Principal Investigator (PI): John Merrill
PI Email:
Status: Completed
Project URL:
Contact Name: Gail Scowcroft
Contact Title: Asst. Director, Office of Marine Programs
Contact Address 1: Graduate School of Oceanography
Contact Address 2: University of Rhode Island
Contact Address 3: South Ferry Road
Contact City: Narragansett
Contact State: Rhode Island
Contact ZIP Code: 02882
Contact Phone: 401 874 6724
Contact Fax: 401 874 6486
Contact Email: